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PostSubject: DISCLAIMER   Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:56 pm


Whilst i create my work in psp i am not the original artist or painter of most of the charectors used in my wallpapers ,they are created with the use of tubes and are manipulated to create something to my liking. I do however create a lot of the back grounds but i have the honour of showing off some of my personal friends photography( with permission )though some may be changed slighty to add effect to the overall piece.

special thanks go to dickyhart, dobienet, boju and martinduthie for allowing me to use your wonderful photography .

Plz note that i have under no circumstances intended to violate any copy right laws so if you recognise any of your own art work and you wish it to be removed, then please contact me in a civilised manner

thankyou and enjoy !
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